Big Thank You!

"I have prediabetes and I've been taking Gluconature for 3 weeks now. My glucose level dropped to normal and best of all I fell more energetic now. Circulation in legs has improved and I can walk better now. My doctor was surprised with the results. My overall state has improved and people around me noticed the change."*

Feeling much better

"Me and my husband started taking Gluconture 3 months ago. Since then, my glucose level dropped from 200 to 120. We used to go frequently to the wash room during the night and we couldn't get enough rest. Now everything is better, we go to the wash room one time per night. My husband is feeling much better because his problems were more serious than mine. We are happy, we feel much better than we used to before. Our circulation has improved, we have more energy and a better state of spirit."*

Great feeling

Gluconature worked for me from the first weeks of treatment. I have pre-diabetes and taking Gluconature has given me back the energy I lost with diabetes and overall a good feeling. The circulation in the legs improved and the varicose vein I had went away. Visits to washrooms at night have reduced, night sleep has improved.

Really very good

Jan is now using, Gluconature, around 71 days, seems we start to have very good results. His fasting sugar reading is now for the last two weeks between 7.5 and 6.3, which is really very good for us. We have also increased in the last two week very much on starch (whole food like brown rice potato’s).....*

Wonderful way out of the stress

At the outset let me thank you for introducing a wonderful way out of the stress me and my husband were going through due to our diabetic condition.The tablets GLUCONATURE have helped us have a normal life with lots of energy throughout the day.The hunger pangs we had earlier have reduced.Hope to continue and see if our sugar levels remain in control.*

Great improvements

Simptom changes:
Sugar levels drop from 10.5 /9.5 to 6,2/7,5 (morning readings)
Small sores in mouth heals now very fast and easy, also does not get sort of septic, prior to Gluconature it too long to heal and was always sort of septic,
Body temperature during night times is now more average, prior to gluconature I was overheating extremely (like fever) during night time.
I am less irritated an short tempered than before Gluconature
Body weight still very unstable, losing very easily weight, lost 9 kg during the last year, and dropped 2 kg’s since using of Gluconature (1.83 meter tall current weight 75-76) (muscle lost only, I was not over weight before)
Face color improved after Gluconature, prior it was very pale and yellowish, now the skin undertone complex is more “pinkish this is natural for me)
Blood texture improved from dark and thick to less thick and less dark more reddish now
We have added much much more whole food starch, like brown rice/ patato previously this was not possible blood sugar was influenced very bad.
Muscle injuries heal also quicker now.*

Numb limb disappeared

I have taken GlucoNature about one and half months, my numb limb disappeared, and also I feel total body much more comfortable than before, GlucoNature really works.unch.*

Morning dizziness is gone

I just started taking gluco nature and now my early morning dizziness is gone . and i feel very strong to carry on my days activitiesch.*

Free of insulin

I order 2-Month treatment, I was taken insulin for several years, now I feel I don't need it anymore, blood level is control, no hurt on my legs and feet anymore.*

My head aches are gone

After a week on Gluconature, my head aches were gone, sugar is ok, but why also my blood pressure is so good now?...this is also for the blood pressure?*

Pain reduce greatly

I have nerve pain on my feet for several years, I'm 66, after 3 weeks on gluconature, the severe pain reduce greatly, I'm 6 months on the treatment and can walk even 4 kilometers per day and free of pain *

Really thanks GlucoNature

I have taken GlucoNature for about 2 months, my total body pain is greatly improved, it is incredible... really thanks GlucoNature... I will continue to take it *


I have being working for a big department store for over 15 years, have to stand up all day, have trouble moving around with so much pain, on winter is even worse, going on my third Gluconature bottle and the pain reduce so much. I will enjoy this winter! I can feel it. Thanks *

Numb limbs

I have taken GlucoNature for about two and half months, my numb limbs are greatly improved, but blood sugar no big difference, doctor told me to focus symptoms first, blood sugar later, let's wait and see... *

Body function's recovery is first important

My uncle,15 years diabetes history, has taken GlucoNature for about two months,his most symptoms are gone,his appetite becomes very good and body has much more energy than before,the most suprised me is he stopped insuline,though blood sugar is a little higher than normal, he feels very happy in total body.Doctor said, the body function's recovery is first important, blood sugar will come back nearly normal as the body function's recovery. *

Happy with the results

Before taking Gluconature glycosylated hemoglobinwas over 9 and now after a month it has reached 8. I have managed to reduce the insulin. Generally I feel better because I am an active person but I can say that I am happy with the results after just one month since beginning the treatment. *
* Results are specific to each person, they not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

World Wide

Gluconature is sold in over 60 countries from North America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.  It  is currently approved by Health Canada, USA FDA and EU MOH. With over 10 years of successful application, Gluconature continues to expand worldwide.

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