Causes of Diabetes in TCM

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) theory, life consists of Yin and Yang substances: the mind or functions belongs to Yang, the body belongs to Yin; Fu belongs to Yang, Zang belongs to Yin; Qi belongs to Yang, Blood belongs to Yin; Heat belongs to Yang, Cold belongs to Yin; Fire belongs to Yang, Water belongs to Yin; the outside belongs to Yang, the inside belongs to Yin; the upper body belongs to Yang, the lower body belongs to Yin; the front of body belongs to Yang, the back of body belongs to Yin......

It is the interaction between Yin and Yang that creates the life. According to TCM theory, the balance between Yin and Yang after their interaction means health; the imbalance between them leads to health issues, where diseases will occur. In ancient China, people focus on keeping the balance of Yin and Yang, but one will ask how can one keep the balance of Yin and Yang? Before we talk about this, we will tell you how the imbalance between Yin and Yang occurs.

According to TCM,  the Yin and Yang of babies are in balance, as they do not know what to worry is, what stress is, they have their own innocent world. As they grow up, there are three influencing factors:

The first is the seven human emotions (i.e. joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate and desire), if people hurt due to the seven emotions, we call this NeiShangQiQing (internal damage by the excessive seven emotions) in Etiology of TCM.

In western medicine theory, there is no description of the seven emotions and the diseases they cause, on the contrary, they catalog excessive emotions as mental issues, but the mind is what TCM studies and uses while Western medicine mainly focuses on external factors such as bacteria, virus, cigarettes etc.

The second is Six Excessive Atmospheric Factors (i.e. Wind, Cold, Heat, Damp, Dryness, Fire). If people hurt because of this, we call it WaiGanLiuYin (external damage by the excessive atmospheric factors), in Etiology of TCM.

In western medicine theory, there are a few correct descriptions about the weather and the diseases, but the weather is what TCM studies and uses.

The third is Food, Work and Leisure. If excessively eating and drinking, with no moderation in work and leisure, the balance of Yin and Yang will also be damaged.

During the life experience, Yin and Yang go into imbalance due to the influence of the above conditions, disorders of body functions are present until various diseases appear. Based on the individual differences, the disease takes different shapes. 

To keep or recover the balance of Yin and Yang please note the below:

1. To make your mind calm, peaceful and broad (Mind is Power Source);
2. To practice exercise that suits you (Excercise is Power Channel);
3. To keep Nutritional management (Foods and Drinks is Power Support);
4. To take correct medicine treatment (Medicine is Power Supplement).


Yin & Yang Balance is Power!!!!!!

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