After 20 years of research, Heshoutang has come up with a 100% natural health product, with no known side effects.  Gluconature intake may improve microcirculation, maintain healthy glucose levels, eliminate insomnia, reduce medicamentation side effects and may contribute to reducing complications specific to diabetes like constant fatigue, high blood pressure, cholesterol, excessive thirst and appetite, insomnia and aches.  

 To understand how Gluconature can assist those with Diabetes, we first have to look at an overview of Diabetes in Traditional Chinese Medicine!


 There are about two kinds of diabetes in TCM: Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes and Yang Deficiency & Cold Congealing Diabetes.


Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes:

If Yin in the body is deficient, Yin can't restrict Yang, just like water and fire will not be in hyperfunction, so following imbalances will occur: Unexplained weight loss, Excessive thirst, Excessive urination, Excessive eating possible together with dry mouth and throat, dizziness, insomnia, palpitation, feverish sensation in the centers(palms, soles and chest) , tidal fever, flushed cheeks, night sweating, constipation, deep reddish tongue with scanty thin fur, fast pulse etc.
It is blood heat that affects insulin secretion, and also glucose intake of organs, tissues, and cells, that is why blood glucose and urine glucose higher than normal, and in this kind of diabetes blood glucose and urine glucose are obviously higher. Though the levels of blood glucose and urine glucose is high, it is only relative, in fact, the body is absolutely in shortage of glucose, the body needs glucose to offer energy since 80% of body' energy comes from glucose and 20% from proteins and fat. Multiple Organ Failure can occur due to lack of energy.
Blood heat also will make blood vessels to enter sclerosis and blood sticky, so problems will occur with the circulation and micro circulation of the body.  This is the reason blood cannot transport oxygen and nutrition to all parts of the body, which speeds up the failure in multiple organs.
Due to a shortage of energy, patients become fatigued, with slow regenerating wounds, infections, blurry vision. Also because of bad microcirculation, blood can't fetch metabolin away timely,  which causes itchy skin, numb limbs, blurry vision. These symptoms can worsen to gangrene and loss of sight.


GlucoNature may clear blood heat and improve microcirculation, that is why GlucoNature may treat Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes well. The symptoms of Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes may improve hence allowing the body's functions to recover.


GlucoNature may clear blood heat which is equal to increase of Yin of the body until Yin and Yang are in balance. This is the way GlucoNature balances Yin & Yang of Diabetes Patients.
For this kind of diabetes GlucoNature itself is enough and Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes is an earlier or middle stage of Diabetes.  


According to different periods of diabetes, GlucoNature should be taken as: 

Less than one year since diagnosis, a two months supply is preferred for the first order. 
One year to three years since diagnosis, four months supply preferred for the first order. 
Over three years since diagnosis, six months supply preferred for the first order. 

A complete diagnosis will determine if you need to continue the GlucoNature treatment or other supplements. For our existing patient this diagnosis will be provided for free (Please visit our Online TCM Hospital).


Yang Deficiency & Cold Congealing Diabetes: 
Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes in the initial or medium term is relatively easy to treat, but if you don't get the correct treatment during this stage, it will go into a serious stage: Yang Deficiency & Cold Congealing Diabetes.

Yin and Yang are in an opposite relation but they also enhance each other. If Yin Deficiency can't be treated in a long run, Yang also will become deficient and on this stage, Yin and Yang both are deficient. Yang Deficiency is just like the earth without sun. In Yang Deficiency & Cold Congealing Diabetes patients following imbalances might occur:

Lack of Qi (Breath is difficult to some degree), isolation, fatigue, Spontaneous Sweating, Dizziness, Palpitation, Pale or Sallow Complexion, Pale Lips and Nails, Pale and Tender Tongue, Thin and Weak Pulse. In this kind of diabetes, unexplained weight loss, Excessive thirst, Excessive urination, Excessive eating, which are typical in Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes, are not clearly visible. Also, blood glucose and urine glucose levels are higher than normal but not high as in Yin Deficiency & Blood Heat Diabetes. 
Because Yang is in shortage the blood flow becomes slow, it increases the microcirculation disturbance, which leads to poor nutrient distribution into the body to organs and cells, which leads to multiple organ failures.


Note: we recommend you to read this article: Diabetes in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) to learn more details about diabetes so that you can enhance your knowledge about diabetes and help yourself to recover from diabetes. That's because Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a possible cure for diabetes!

Dr Wang

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Gluconature is sold in over 60 countries from North America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.  It  is currently approved by Health Canada, USA FDA and EU MOH. With over 10 years of successful application, Gluconature continues to expand worldwide.

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